After agility in the strategic renewal of the decision makers in the Iraqi Oil Ministry Search analytical


Purpose- The purpose of this research indicates the role of two options, achieving agility's requirements for developing the strategic renewal model and realizing that role by a sample of decision makers in the Ministry of Oil. Design/methodology/approach- This research adopts an applied methodology consists of three measures of two options, strategic agility. The strategic renewal has been used to strengthen these concepts and focus on the decision makers of the study sample which consists of (213) persons distributed to general managers, assistants, and heads of departments, divisions and units. The data were collected from main information sources by using the search tool. The returned tools were analyzed by using structural equation modeling, and analyzed them by statistical programs such as (SPSS v.19), (LESERNAL v.8.80), (Amos). Findings- The search proves authentication of current tools on the role of two options, , by focusing on agility in order to enhance the strategic renewal. This research also reveals the existence of a strong positive relationship among the study's variables. Practical Implications-Two main implications have been identified in this research, the first application concerns with researchers to investigate the correlation among options and agility and strategic renewal and realize these administrative topics in the Ministry of Oil, the research sample.The second application concerns with decision makers to recognize the need to promote the strategic renewal (the strategic renewal) in line with the focus on agility through the options of. This undoubtedly will help to provide the knowledge and understanding of employees in this ministry about the importance of these variables. Originality/Value- This search revises a large body of knowledge concerning the impact of options on the work of the Ministry of Oil and focus on agility from one part, and the strategic renewal from other hand, and strengthens them in the Iraqi organizations.