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A comparison Between Maximum Likelihood Method and Bayesian Methods to Estimate the Failure Rate with Type one Censored Data of Failure Samples.ABSTRACT : In this paper a comparison between: Maximum Likelihood estimator ,standard Bayesian estimator ,Expected Bayesian estimator ,and Hierarchical Bayesian estimator for failure rate by considering censored data of type one by using simulation by Monte Carlo method .We conclude that the Expected Bayesian estimator in that best for estimating failure rate using the statistical indicator (MSE) and (MAPE).Also we conclude that the Hierarchical Bayesian estimator and Expected Bayesian estimator have the same preference for large M=∑_(i=1)^m▒〖(n_i 〗-r_(i ))t_i ,where n_i represented the subsample drawn for each i=1,2,…,m ; r_i is correspondence number of failure unit such that 0