The impact of video programs as an aid in learning of straight punch of boxing boys


The study aimed to use video games as an aid in learning of performing straight punch skills among boxing boys in Raudhatain Sports Club and its impact on learning level.The researcher used the experimental method for suitability and the nature of the search; the sample consisted of Raudhatain club boys whose age (12-14 years) for the season 2012-2013 totaling 12 players, and was statistically significant data processed by the statistical program spss and it used(Mean, standard deviation and coefficient of simple correlation Pearson and T test for independent samples and T samples correlated) In light of the results obtained,the researcher concluded as follows: -1. Educational method is effective in learning the straight punch to the experimental group.2. Superiority of the experimental group to the control group in performing punch straight skills in the post-test. In light of the conclusions reached by the researcher in the research sample , the recommendations were as follows: -1. The researcher recommends the use of teaching aids that help the learning speed and that creates the desire and motivation of the learner, especially the younger age groups.2. Invent new ways of learning with the easiest level of the learner and the use of the technology 3D)) in the learning process.