Burnout and its relationship to the final results of some Premier tournament clubs in Handball


Players pass through pschological feeling ,similar to other sports events, while exercising handball. Thus, it affects the player reservoirs movement in the mental, intellectual and psychological trends. Consequently , the player will undergo stress and boredom due to excessive training , especially when unpleasant situations repeatedly cause stress on players. As a result , the accumulation of stress and inability to adapt, the player will reach to burnout,which will greatly affect on the players performance during matches and training and all other trends. The problem lies in the frequency of negative results during the matches of some Premier tournament teams in handball continuously , although there are good players and qualified coaches. In spite of the ongoing work to process the negative results, it goes to no avail .So researcher attempts to study burnout, which may affect player performance in the match and traning . Thus, one of the reasons of these negative results may be in an attempt to help the coaches to pay attention to this case and work processe it to get the player to the best levels and the ability to cope with changing conditions, especially during the matches. The researcher has used the descriptive survey manner .The research sample consist of 70 players who are players in Premier tournament clubs handball . A total of five clubs with higher burnout were excluded clubs . The researcher reached to a significant correlation between the level of burnout and the final results of tournament.