Some mental abilities and its relationship to the accuracy of appeal the counter response with Epee for advanced fencing players


The evolution and spread fencing, all over the world, has become one of the traits and features which reflects the pictures of advanced, modern, and developed counties in this time.The modern researchers are characterized with finding connections between the mental aspects and the skill performance and with the educational aspects with respect to the mental processes and skill performance and all of that are intended to find, at these relationships, a way out to develop a feature or specific abilities for the purpose of improving the mental and skill abilities,……. Etc.Fencing is one of the games, which is a feature for those players who have high mental abilities and that is why this research is important as fencing is a game in which its players need to a sort of controlling and abilities to justify mistakes and fixing them or to confirm the correct imagination for movement through mental abilities in minds, which are connected to their correct performance through implementing the suitable motor abilities as the existence of a relationship between the mental abilities and skill performance would be an important factor and helpful for the couch and the player in avoiding many mistakes happening during the motor performance, which helps the player in encountering a mistake in his performance directly.The research problem is that the mental abilities are like other abilities and features connected to performance and seek for improving the performance of the fence players. The couch has to find out the weaknesses of the mental abilities, which are connected closely and accurately with the accuracy of counter response and has to develop it so that he could reach high levels of training.