The Association Between Fatty Liver on Ultrasound and Liver Fnuction Testes


Background: The presence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) on ultrasound study is a common finding in apparently healthy individuals. It may be associated with liver damage and may predispose to chronic liver disease . Aim of the study:To show if there is any relation between fatty liver on ultrasound and hepatic damage.Patients and methods:60 patients with fatty liver on ultrasound and 65 persons are control were enrolled in this study.72 Of them were males and 53 were females, their ages ranged from ( 30 – 68 ) years . All patients underwent abdominal ultrasound and blood sample where taken and sent for liver function testes to detect any changes in liver enzyme and hepatic damageResults:The result of this study consist of 60 patients with liver changes on ultrasound and 65 healthy controls, 72(57.6%) were males while 53(42.4%) were females . In this study , 53(88.3%) of the patients had AST/ALT < 1, while only 7(11.7%) had AST / ALT >1 and all controls 65(100%) had AST/ALT < 1 . 32 of male and 21 of female patients (total 53) had AST/ALT < 1 while 4 male and 3 female (total 7) had AST / ALT >1 .Conclusion: NAFL is not a benign condition and may lead to abnormal elevation in liver enzymes.