Clinical and Biochemical Study in urinary stone patients in Babylon Province


Background:Evaluate the oxidative stress in patient with different types of urinary stone by measuring the total antioxidant capacity, study the oxidative stress in cystinuria patients, study the changes in superoxide dismutase activity and Cu, Zn level in sera of different types of urinary stone patient.Patient and method: 0ne hundred patients (67males and 33 females) in the age group ranging from 5-75 years old,and forty apparently healthy individual(20 male and 20 female) in the age group ranging from (6-70). admitted to Al-Hila Teaching Hospital, Urology Department from the 1st of January 2013 till 30th of June 2013. All patients underwent full history and physical examination including: age, gender, family history of urolithiasis, past history of recurrent stone and any current medical diseases. the antioxidant determination by add 100 μl Cu2+ working solution to all standard and sample wells and cover the plate and incubate at room temperature for 1.5 hours, Read the absorbance at 570 nm using the plate reader.the superoxide dismutase determination by take 50 ml of serum and 1 ml of tris base, 1 ml of pyrogallole . After the addition of pyrogallol ,immediately read the absorbance spectrophotometriclly at 420 nm against blank .Results :Serum concentration of Total antioxidant capacity(SOD) was decrease significantly in patients with urinary stone when compared with control group (p<0.001) in uric acid stone, (p<0.05) in calcium oxalate stone,(p<0.05) in calcium phosphate stone, The concentration ofsuperoxide dismutase (SOD) was decrease significantly in patient with urinary stone compere to control group, The result between male and female of the patients show significant decrease when compare with the male and female of the control.Conclusion:The study show lowerlevel Superoxide dismutase activity ,Increased levels of Total antioxidant indicate to absorption uric acid and the activation of antioxidant enzymes as an adaptation to the oxidative stress,The antioxidant strength is further decreased by lower activity of SOD.