Comparison of Four Cultivars of Broccoli ( Brassica o leracea var. Italica Plenck) in Sulaimani Governorate


The experiment was carried out to compare different cultivars of broccoli during winter growing season 2006 - 2007 at Awbara field, , This experiment was performed as Randomized Complete Block Design using four cultivars representing (4) Broccoli cultivars vic: "Autumn spear calabrese", "Hydra-F1 calabrese, "Late purple sprouting, and "Corvet-F1 calabrese" with four replications. Means comparisons were carried out by Revised LSD at a significance level of (1%) for chemical analysis and (5%) for the field parameters. The results showed that maximum plant height, plant dry weight, number of lateral branches ,weight of lateral heads, total plant yield and total yield.ha- were obtained from "Late purple sprouting", while maximum leaf number, leaf weight, leaf area, head dry weight, head width and seed weight were obtained from" Corvet-F1 calabrese". However the highest plant dry matter percentage , chlorophyll a and shortest time to harvest was gained from "Hydra-F1 calabrese", maximum head fresh weight and chlorophyll b were obtained from"Autumn spear calabres.