The Availability Requirements of The Electronic Management And Its Impact On The Degree Of Application An Empirical Study in Colleges and Institutes of technical education body / complex Zafaraniya


This research tries to shed light on the problem of application of electronicmanagement and availability requirements necessary in colleges andinstitutes of technical education / complex Zafaraniyah for this purposeform was designed questionnaire was distributed to members of theresearch sample totaling (34) people , has been used statisticalprogram(spss) to analyze the data and methods used statistical quantityas well s the experimental co analysis and simple regression to know theeffect of independent variables on the dependent variable, as well asmultiple regression to determine any requirement more influential inchanging the approved and came out research group conclusions of themost important despite the fact that there are signs of the development ofIT infrastructure in Iraq , but the benefit Almazmat educational researchsample of that progress does not rise to the aspirations desired as well asthe slowness to keep pace with the information revolution , and alsoprovided a set of recommendations , the most important interest in theestablishment of infrastructure new communication and information withincolleges , institutes and caliber of human excellence in the field ofelectronic management of trainers , consultants and experts in the designand develop programs to take advantage of their expertise.