Abuse of dominant position in the relevant market "A comparative study"


The main purpose of laws regulating competition and prevent monopoly in ensuring free competition between projects and companies during the exercise of trade and economic activity alike, as well the fredom of access to markets and prevent the agreements that would hinder competition or damage it, and aims of these laws to criminalize the monopolistic practices that be designed to configure a dominant center for the business venture, all that in order to protect competition because of its great importance and many positive effects on all levels. In order to achieve competitive benefits should be far away from state monopolies or blocs in the market, the center is dominant in the market of the most dangerous monopolistic practices which threatens competition, this sense deliberately competition laws to intervene through the prohibition of the practice to involve them from the negative effects are reflected on the process competitiveness and the consumer audience, as multiple those practices that placed behave project controlling. This research therefore exposed to the problem of the composition dominant position, the statement of practices that constitute abuse of dominant center.