The legal conditions for the extraction and stem cell transplantation


Steem Calls are small and non specialzed cells.They have the ability of divide and specialize to any kind of cells which formed the human organs when they exposed for inflection or damge Stem cells represent human organs leglly. So it is necessary for the existence of legil conditions to extract them from the body of the contributor and transplant them in the patient ,s body.Openion of law, legislation ,and judge importantoc, agreed about agroup of these conditions. The most important of them is the agreement of the contribntor and patient or who represent them legilly to perform the operation of extraction or transplant.It is necessary to learn them about the expected dangerous of drag in future.In addition,the contribbution should be free .These conditions were if the extraction was from lives, and if the extraction, was from deads .The doctor have to take the egreement of the relative of the dead Person and after making sure of death and existence remedial purpose or aim for the extraction.