Prevalence study of Hard Tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus in stray dogs form many areas from Baghdad Province


The present study included examination of 102 stray dogs from different regions of Baghdad province and the rate of total infection was 21.56 % by Rhipicephalus sanguineus for the period from the beginning of July 2011 until the end of January 2012, this study showed significant (P˂0.05) differences between regions Al-Sadrea region recorded the highest rate of infection was 41.66 %, while the lowest rate was registered in AL-shaek omar 18.18 %. the highest infestation rate was at Autumn 37.14 % and the lowest rate was in winter 7.69%, and the results showed significant (P˂0.05) differences in the incidence among males in Al-sadrea region recorded the highest rate 50 %, while the lowest ratio recorded in Al-Nahdtha region 11.11%, there were no differences in the infestation rate between males and females, as were 20.75 %, 22.44 %, respectively.