DNA content of Spermatozoa with respect to Seminal Sperm Concentration using a Microchemical Spectrophotometric Method


Background: To determine the DNA content in subfertile patients and to correlate it
with seminal sperm concentration.
Design: Prospective observational study.
Setting: College of Medicine, Dept. of Physiological chemistry and Institute for
embryo Research and infertility treatment-University of Baghdad.The study was conducted through years 2004-2005.
Methods: A random sample of 61 subfertile male patients undergoing semen evaluation and aged from 20-45 years were studied. Semen samples were assessed for seminal sperm concentration microscopically and were classified into 3 different groups according to count (million/ml).Then sperm D N A content (µg/ml) was estimated using a microchemical spectrophotometric method.
Results: The three groups were statistically of significant difference( P <0.01 ).The D N A concentration per spermatozoan in Gr.III ( 1 20 million/ml) was higher than the other two groups It was also noticed that there was a statistically significant (P< 0.05 ) correlation in Gr.III b etween D N A content and sperm concentration . No significant (P >0.05 )correlation was observed in the other two groups (Gr. I & Gr. II ).
Conclusion: Significant positive correlation was obtained between sperm concentration and DNA content. in the oligozoospermic subfertile patient , but no significant correlation was found in the normozoopermic patients . D N A content per spermatozoan from oligozoospermic patients was higher than that in normozoospermic patients.