Design and Construction of Argon D.C Glow Discharge Plasma Using Al Target


AbstractIn this work, we have successfully designed and constructed argon D.C glowdischarge plasma. A planer D.C diode system consisted of two aluminum electrodeswhich were designed and constructed to study Paschen's curves at two differentinterelectrode distances (3cm and 4.5cm). The breakdown voltage (Vb) wasexperimentally measured as a function of the pressure product of inter-electrode distance(Pd) for argon discharges gas. The behaviour of breakdown voltages as a function of (pd)coincide with Paschen’s law at the two different interelectrode distances. The minimumbreakdown voltages were (Vb) min =(232, 244)volt for d=(3, 4.5)cm respectively and theminimum pressure product by the inter-electrode distance namely pdmin=. (1.1,1.5) at the two above distances.