Measurement of Natural Radioactivity in the Soil of Kufa City-Iraq


The natural radioactivity in soil has been determined by using gamma-rayspectroscopy technique. The (average) and (range) of specific activity (in Bq/kgunits) of the primordial nuclides were (8.73) (1.82 to 24.71), (4.75) (1 to 9.44) and(103.05) (47.27 to 206.67) for 238U, 232Th and 40K respectively. The value of Radiumequivalent activity (in Bq/kg units) was found to be varied from 11.54 to 42.61 withan average of 23.47. The absorbed dose calculations (in nGy/h units) showed that theminimum value was 5.57 whereas the maximum value was 20.07 with an average of11.28. The indoor and outdoor annual effective dose rate (in