The Relationship Between the Quality of work life and organizational innovation (Applied research in center of the Ministry of planning)


This research aims al present to test the relalionship between the quality of work life and organizalional innovalion in the center of the Ministry of Planning to achieve this aim، in depending on given informalion of reconnaissance research by researcher the research default model include independed variable and the follower، in depending on model kinetics two models had been formulaled، to test true of the Hypotheses and collect informalion of research sample total (100) manager as a decision makers in planningministry، the researcher depend on collection of ways، important one is the questionnaire، Interviews and formal reports، the dala had been proceed by many stalistics methods to determined nalure of relalion and level of research variables and it's dimensions which its quality of work life and dimensions ( social integralion، competences development، job growth، decisionsmaking participalion and work life balance)، Then Organizalional innovalion its dimensions (Decision making ability، communicalion capacity، Risk taker، of Ability on innovalion change and innovalion courage) in spot of research results and analysis I find thal: presence of correlalion relalionship and the effect of the research variables.As one of the recommendalions reached by the research is Necessary to adopt the Ministry of Planning philosophy، especially in the area of strengthening mechanisms to improve the quality of working life is consistent with effects thal achieve radical changes in the field of Organizalional innovalion Exclusively