The Effect Of Using (Seven E's) Constructive Model In The Achievement Of The Second – Year Students / Teacher Training Institute In Biology Subject And The Development Of Their Creative Thinking


The present research aims at knowing the effect of using (Seven E's) constructive model in the achievement of the second – Year students / Teacher Institute in biology subject and the development of their creative thinking . Teacher Institute in Ba'quba / Diyala province has been choosen intentionally as the experiment field . The research sample consists of (64) second – year students who are divided into two equal groups . The equivalence has been done among the variables of the pre-achievement , intelligence , age , and the creative thinking . The research requirements are prepared and experiment is applied from 10-10-2010 till 28-12-2010 . The researcher himself has taught the two groups and he has prepared a post – achievement test – which consists of (50) items of the multiple – choice test . The validity of the test items is checked . The test reliabity has been found by using half – split method . The researcher prepared a creative thinking test that includes five fields which are : problem feeling , re-organizing , fluency , originality , and flexibility . The validity of the test item is checked by using re-applying method and the correlation percentage comes to (0.83) . The achievement test and the creative thinking test are applied at the end of the experiment and the results are analyzed which come to be : -The experimental group is more excellent than the control group at the achievement test . -The experimental group is more excellent than the control group at the knowledge abilities and there is no difference at the statistical sign at the productive abilities of the creative work . The researcher presents a number of conclusions , recommendations , and suggestions .