The Title Is "The Ways Of Activating Factors Of Non-Investment Economic Growth In The Developing Countries"


The Results of Theoretical Studies and Experiment of Advanced Economies , Have Been Proven That Investment Expenditure Is Not The Only Factor And The Main Source of Production Growth, But Efficient Using Of The Fixed Assets Is More Important In This Process, All That Depends On Groups of Factors Called The Non-Investment Economic Growth, That Are Un-bodied Technical Progress With Organizational Nature.It's Distinguished Features That it has An Influence on The Production Growth Without Any Large Additional Investment Expenditure Or Any Additional Increment in Inputs And That Can Not Be Reached Without Activating The Factors of Non-Investment Economic Growth, Which is Still Affecting Negatively In The Developing Countries, That Urged The Researcher To Tackle This Subject Through Presenting Theoretical Ideas And Concepts About Essence Of The Factors Of Non-Investment Economic Growth And Their Importance And The Ways Of Their Activation, Through Preparing Objective Circumstances Able To Reform Values Of Inherited Political Culture And Mechanisms Of Operating The State Institution And Introducing More Of Market Regulations In The Economic Life And Taking a Serious Attitude Towards Corruption Issues And Institutional Reform.