Social activity of Iranian Women 1905 - 1925 AD


Woman in Iran did very work in public life in Iran during 1905 -1925، she did active since break out constitution movement in year 1905، weak in her gave work and devopement. in spite of (Woman) don’t leaf any part and action this work devolepment from weak and poor، her it life in this time، from Iran common to work her with men، this look dis weak many hope to Woman in Iran، this her very teaching in European universities، and she wishes to her liberity، and Resaissance and action element good with Europeans Womans.In spite of difficulties towards Iran Woman liberity movement during rule family Qajary، we found the sguar and streets full by demands to free Woman and her work with man in agree state act، and law and rights of rise adminstrtive states important، it introduced not stop by Woman، but also many from man stste from political in Iran and same men releigan instutite from led Woman Rensainance in Iran.