Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Karbala, Iraq: a preliminary Report


background: Literature on obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in Iraq is scares. The Iraqi Mental Health Survey (IMHS) reported a high prevalence. This study was carried out to throws a light on OCD in Karbala, Iraq.Methods: The study was conducted in outpatient Dept. of Al-Hussaini General Hospital, Karbala, Iraq, for the period 1st Jan. to 23rd Dec. 2006. Patients diagnosed as OCD were interviewed and a questionnaire was filled for each one. The questionnaire was prepared according to DSM-IV-TR. Demographic data and family history for OCD or any mental disorder was included in the questionnaire.Results & Discussion: The peak age for OCD was 21-30 years, females were predominating (63.2%). singles were more affected than married (47.3%). Family history of OCD and any mental illness was observed in 20.5% and 52.9%, respectively.Conclusion: OCD affect young age group, females and singles. Family history for any mental illness was positive in more than half of the cases.