ANTHROPOMETRIC FACE IN BASRAHNada H Al-jassim , Zuhair F Fathallah & Nawal M AbdullahMB,ChB, DGO.Anatomy.Abstract Anthropometry is the systematic quantitative representation of the human body, it is used to measure the absolute and relative variability in size and shape of the human body. Over thecenturies, there have been remarkable changes in anthropometric measurements due to geographical, cultural, genetic and environmental factors. The studying of human face and theassessment of facial dimensions attract the attention of the artists, poets and scientists and takes a prime importance in medical and dental fields in both diagnosis and treatment planning.Anthropometry also used for the design of clothing and equipment, e.g. Gas masks, oxygen masks, dust masks and respirators as well as design of military and industrial helmets. Therehad been no studies done on facial measurement in Basrah therefore, this study is to be considered as the first in this field and the baseline for further studies. This study had attemptedto quantitatively measure the human face in different ethnic groups of the local population and to identify the differences between individuals of different races and sexes, also to identify the differences between the people of Basrah and other people worldwide. These differences whichare responsible for the special facial features in different ethnic groups should be maintained during reconstructive or aesthetic surgery otherwise the patients will lose their ethnic features. The people of Basrah have different racial and ethnic background, there are Semites which are the Arabs and Syrian (Assyrian & Chaldean), Arian, who are the Armenian, Kurdish andPersian, and then there is the mixed group result from interracial marriages. This study is a cross sectional study with a comparative component conducted in Basrah governorate. The data was randomly collected from volunteers, for the period from February toJuly 2013. Raw data used in this study was originated from a total number of 1000 Iraqi adults (526 females and 474 males) living throughout Basrah governorate and were used to create adatabase for statistical analysis. The result of this study shows that there are differences between the races and between the local people and the surrounding countries and indeed there is a great difference from thestandard measurement advocated by western researchers. Introductionhe human face is a living mirror heldTout to the world, it has the power to common expression is “I may forget aname, but I’d never forget a face’ Anthropometryquantitative representation of the humanindividualunderstanding human physical variations . Overremarkablemeasurementscultural,Bas J Surg, December, 20, 2014Original ArticleMEASUREMENTSOFHUMANMB,ChB, MSc, Assist. Prof. Plastic Surgeon. MB,ChB, MSc, Assist.Prof. o