The Effect of Increasing of Diesel Fuel Temperature Upon the Engine Performance By Using Two Magnetic Fields


The aim of this experimental study is to investigate the effect of the increasing of temperature and the magnetized fuel on the performance of compression ignition engine. The engine performance was observed by examining the engine brake power (BP), thermal efficiency, specific fuel consumption (SFC), air to fuel ratio (A/F) and exhaust emissions. In this study the gasoil refiner type (ANKRA) was used to increasing the fuel temperature . The fuel was subjected to a magnetic field which is placed to fuel supply line to magnetize the fuel before admitted to the engine cylinder. Two types of magnetic field were adopted in this study, the first one with (1000 Gauss) and the second with (1000 Gauss). The results show a significant improvement in engine performance after increasing the fuel temperature and the magnetic field to which the fuel is subjected. The thermal efficiency increased by (4.68%) and a reduction in the specific fuel consumption by (5.67 %). The exhaust gas emissions show a reduction nearly by (34.3 %) of CO, (33.46 %) of CO2 and (29.26%) of HC.