The Effect of Al2O3 Additives on Some Mechanical Properties of Un Saturated Polyester Resin


This study included preparation for the unsaturated polyester samplesbefore and after reinforced by the Alumina oxide powder of different volume fraction amounting (2%,4%,6%).And this research included the studyof some of mechanical properties such as (Hardness,compressive,wear).The results showed that the increase of the hardness and compressive strength after the reinforced and the increase with the volume fraction increase.As the wear test shows that the wear rate increases with applied load increase(5,10,15) from(10.6-18.6) gm/cmbeforreninforced and from(5.4-15.2)gm/cm,(4.7-12.9)gm/cm,(4-8.1)gm/cm,after reinforced from the different volume fraction, and the wear rate decreasewith the volume fraction increase.