Re-integration of the operations and the costs of the overall quality engineering to achieve a competitive advantage


Abstract Witness the current business environment tremendous developments as a result of the globalization of markets and economic openness and technological What resulted from these developments heightened the competition between the economic units and as a result the high costs of their products and lower their functional characteristics, they do not take into account the response to the requirements of customers, which kept her search for scientific methods to help them keep up with changes and improve its competitive position. The re-engineering processes one of the main methods of administrative and scientific adopted by the economic units to achieve a competitive advantage to enable them to reduce the cost of quality and improve the quality of its products and the speed at work and keep up with developments, has been selected Wasit Company for Textile Industries being one of the most important companies suffering from the rising cost of quality as well as compete with foreign products as a result of the opening of the Iraqi market for the rest of the market at competitive prices which led to significant losses incurred .