Patterns and Motives of the Use of Iraqi University Students to Social Networks


The search cares about frame work practical patterns and motives subjected Iraqi university students to social networking sites after the large attendance to the new media especially. Among young people. Which it began gradually replace traditional media in light of the technical development is striking in recent is striking in recent yours and which effects on the means of communication in general.Search seeks through the frame works of theory and methodology and field to explore the visions of young people and their thoughts on the social networking style new modern deployment in Iraq and knowledge of aspects of positive and negative as well as usage habits and the extent and causes of interaction in these networks that are experiencing huge demand by Iraq university students.Because of the use of social networking has become a ritual practiced by college students on a daily basis it has touched your search intensity and severity and deliberate and times and the timing of such use in addition to the main motivations and ways to participate and the most important causes and consequences the research has come to the results of the most prominent of several board turmoil in the use of net working through space time and diversity in place, and the nature of electronic device used, and the use of the different motives and the method of multiple participation and positive interaction with the rest of the participants in these network.The research was based on the soirée of modern araband foreign as well as localized websites in order to rooting theoretical research topic pave the way to abrader perception especially as the use of social networking in general is relatively recent in Iraq and the Arab world.