The role of international conventions in the development rights laws Copyright in developing countries (Iraq a model)


The history of the international copyright system showed from the beginning that it was put in place to promote the creators of copyright, who mostly came from developed countries. Although developing countries fought hard in the 1960s and the 1970s to revise the system to create a more balanced one, their efforts were unsuccessful and were met with skepticism from developed countries. The United States and other developed countries progressively seek stronger copyright protection. This is evident through the adoption of TRIPS, bilateral free trade agreements and now ACTA. The article examines these issues and provides a set of conclusions. Accordingly, this paper is divided into section. The first one deals with the main point of Berne Conventions such as the structures of the Convention and the key provisions of the Conventions. On the other hand, the second section deals with other agreements and conventions which were made in the world such TRIPs Agreement and ACTC