The effect of exercises rubber cords in some variables Biomechanical changes and accuracy appeal According to Epee fencers


The resistance exercises, including (rubber cords)became known to the coaches and athletes as exercises which mean joining between power and speed of the movement in order to produce the explosive power and fast, and from this way a player can perform the basic skills well as its efficiency depends largely on the physical preparation of the players perhaps the most important points that coaches are trying to reach is the stability of the high technical level for the duration of the match and that relates to the good physical sides on skill sides. Through the researchers notes, a lot of championship , which were held in Kurdistan Region players training sulaimani erecters and interviews which did with some of the coaches of fencing game noticed there is a weakness in the performance of the movement of the appeal and accuracy during the competition, which could return the weakness cause in some special physical character is tics , which may affect the investment technique in Biomechanical side to get to the good technique in terms of the outward appearance for the performance and accuracy of the appeal, and the aim of the research is to identify the impact of using the rubber cords in developing some of the Biomechanical changes and movement by Epee for the sample and identify the impact of using of rubber cords in developing accurate movement challenged of Epee to the research sample, The researcher used the experimental method and represents the sample's players Sulaymaniyah Fencing - epee category applicants, The total number of the them are (8 players), were divided into control and experimental groups by random, way after the computation –testing ,The training programmer exercise by using rubber cords for the experimental group by (24 training unit) in the part of the head section , as well as the execution of an average (3 modules) in each week, knowing that the time of exercises of rubber cords reach (23 to 26 minutes) in each module, and after the executing the train programmed the post-test has been done, Also the statistical methods appropriate has been used to interpret the results of the variables. After viewing the results which reach, affected the proposed exercise by using resistance exercises (rubber cords) in the development of some special biomechanical changes by moving Epee for each experimental group . Influenced the proposed exercises by using resistance exercises (rubber cords) in developing accurate movement changeable by Epee according to each of the experimental group.