Effectiveness of Educational Program on Nurses' Practices toward Cardiac Rehabilitation for Patients with Heart Attack


Objective:The study aimsto evaluate the effectiveness of nursing education program on the nurses practice toward cardiac rehabilitation phase one for Patients with Heart Attack.Methodology: A quasi-experimental design study was carried out at the AL-ShaiqZiad; AL-Sader; Al-Karkh; AL-Karama; Imameinkadhimein medical city and Baghdad hospital in Baghdad city from September 1st 2013 to September 10th 2014. The program and instrument were constructed and developed by the researcher for the purpose of the study were random sample comprised of (80) nurses was divided in to two groups , study group consisted of (40) nurses exposed to the nursing educational program and control group consisted of (40) nurses were not exposed to the program. The measurement of the effectiveness of nursing educational program through the observation check list includes(60)items concern Practice related health assessment of the heart, assessment chest pain, evaluated Cardiogenic shock, evaluated activity daily living and Health education.Reliability of instrument was determined through the use of test and retest and the instrument validity was determined through a panel of experts. The analysis of data was use descriptive statistic (Frequencies, Percents, and Cumulative Percentages, Mean of Score, Standard Deviation and Inferential statistical (Contingency Coefficients, Chi-Square test, Fisher to present the differences between the study and control groups. Results: The results of the study showed that they were highly significant deference between pre and post test in the study group in over all main domains related to nurses' practice.Conclusion: Deficit practices' nurses in the coronary care unit toward cardiac rehabilitation phase one for patients with heart attack.Recommendation: Cardiac rehabilitation program should be included continuous training for all nursing staff and curricula structured for cardiac rehabilitation.