Prevalence of Anxiety among Al-Qadisia Medical Students


Objectives of the study: The study aims to determine the prevalence of anxiety among the students of the Faculty of Medicine of Qadisia .Methodology: The study was cross-sectional at 290 students in the Faculty of Medicine Qadisiya (101 males and 189 females) , in the province of Diwaniya , for the period from 1st of March up to 31st of May 2012. a questionnaire self-reports of the students was used. The students covered study based on their readiness after the purpose of the study was explained to them, the study included all phases of the first stage to the sixth stage. The result was analyzed by using descriptive statistical methods like percentage and frequency, and inferential statistical methods appropriate such as Chi-square by using spss 12.Results: out of (290) there were (139) suffer from mental disorders positive (anxiety), giving a prevalence rate of 47.9%. The prevalence is highest among students of first and second phases (65.7 % and 57.5 %) compared with the rest of the stages {third 39.5 %, fourth 30.5 %, fifth 36.8 %, and sixth 29%} respectively.Conclusions: The study concluded that there is a high percentage of students from the Faculty of Medicine Qadisia suffer from anxiety in all stages.Recommendations: providing psychiatric counseling Clinics, to diagnose cases of concern and to provide the necessary support. In addition, encourage future studies to discover the causes of these cases