Journal of Al-qadisiya in arts and educational sciences

Published by Al-Qadisiyah University

ISSN: 2519-6162 (Print)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Social sciences (General); Languages; Literature; History of America; History of Europe; Education (General); Historical archaeology; Historical osteology; Prehistoric archaeology
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• magazine seeks to publish research humanitarian and educational sober which has not been published previously in various fields of knowledge. • The first issue of the magazine in the year 2001. • The journal is published one volume every year, featuring four numbers folder, issued quarterly, every three months. • The versions of the magazine twelve volumes, scientific research involving hundreds Court, in various areas of knowledge in the humanities and education. • research published in both Arabic and English. • rely magazine principle of self-financing and publication fees determined in the light of the prevailing prices. • can publish ads that contribute to demonstrate the scientific and industrial and economic meeting financial donation provided by the beneficiary.