Journal of the College of Education for Women

Published by Baghdad University

ISSN: 1680-8738 (Print)
ISSN: 2663-547X (Electronic)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Education (General); History (General); Languages; Geography (General); Sociology (General); English literature; Religion (General)
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Date of first Issue: 1990 Online first issue:2005 Journal goals: 1. Publish either academic papers that help in developing scientific research. 2. Provide copies for each issued journal in the form of regular Credits to designated destinations. 3. Define the activities carried out in departments of the College of Education for Women like scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions, by publishing them at the beginning of the issued journal. 4. Address teachers, academics and scientific specialists via journal e-mail to participate in and follow-up researches. Scope of distribution: Local (all governorates of Iraq) and global (Arab and foreign countries). Arbitration scientific Method (evaluation of researches): 3 experts; two scientific experts and one linguistic expert. Sources of funding: Self-financing.

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