Al-Fatih journal

Published by Diyala University

ISSN: 8752-1996 (Print)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Education (General)
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Established Journal of conquest in 1997 and was issued by the Teachers' College - University of Mustansiriya, and after the founding of the University of Diyala in 1999 became the magazine opening issue of Teachers College / University of Diyala, was concerned with the scientific research and humanitarian, educational, where she was issued on a quarterly basis any four numbers per year and was the first president editor of the Journal of conquest is Prof. Dr. Mohammed Jassim Naddawi and the editor Prof. Dr. Owaid origin had to add a student to a group of professors who were representing the members of the editorial board of Journal Has become the magazine conquest since its founding a great source of accurate information which had the benefit of researchers and graduate students to this day because of the wisdom based on the issued and Rsanthm scientific, and rotate the editor of the magazine opening a constellation of professors bones and the work of a group of creative staff, has been stopped Journal of conquest for issuing numbers between 2006-2007, due to security conditions experienced by the origin had to add to the martyrdom of the province secretary editor of the magazine at the time (Dr. Hassan Ahmed Mowhoush) Allah's mercy. After the establishment of security in Diyala province, and the return of normal life to all parts of the province returned magazine conquest issue number and the new and improved, especially after I got the magazine on the ISIN (issn) and returned magazine open to supplement the march of scientific educational research and the psychological value in the year 2008 and as directed by the ministry became a magazine opening the deployment of a competent educational and psychological research only.