Journal of Education College

Published by Wassit University

ISSN: 2417-1994 (Print)
ISSN: 2518-5586 (Electronic)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Education (General)


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Scientific and Humanitarian magazine published by the Wasit University College of Education issued semi-annually and receives research in the scientist humanities according to the guidelines set by the Editorial Board is a self-funded research and published the magazine in both Arabic and English

Scope of the Journal

It is an interdisciplinary, expert-reviewed journal that publishes research papers in the humanities, scientific, educational, psychological, history, and geography. We welcome research articles, past and present case studies, new technological developments and wide-ranging applications, examples of 'best practices, policies and strategies, and papers that can be learned. Papers may arise from the selection of papers from highly qualified international conferences or from regular submissions by researchers. Papers should target a broad audience of scholars, practitioners, public authorities, university professors, and graduate students.

Each research manuscript will be handled by a member of the editorial board and reviewed by more than one reviewer in addition to the member of the editorial board. At the time of submission, authors may request that individual manuscripts (a version without author names) be made available on the journal website for a period of 20 days to allow the scientific and technical community to determine the conformity of the research manuscript with the standards of the scientific journal.

The editorial board of the Journal of the College of Education is made up of scientists from different countries from different fields and scientific disciplines corresponding to the papers received in the journal for the peer review process and decide whether the paper should be accepted for publication, taking into account the expert evaluation. The main evaluation criteria and acceptance criteria are based on compliance with the objectives and scope of the journal, and on the innovation and practical relevance of the papers submitted.

The Journal of Science College of Education seeks to communicate a preliminary decision on manuscripts within 30 days of their submission.

Accepted papers will be processed immediately and made available online using the DOI number. Letters to editors regarding published papers are encouraged and will be published after expert review.

Open Access
Journal of Education College is committed to open access and all content is freely available to all immediately after publication.

Authors retain the copyright of their papers without restrictions.

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