Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining

Published by Ministry of Industry and Minerals

ISSN: 1811-4539 (Print)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Geology
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IRAQI BULLETIN OF GEOLOGY AND MINING (ISSN 1811- 4539) (httb://ibgm-iq) * Owned and issued by Iraq Geological Survey (GEOSURV-Iraq), Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Baghdad, Iraq and licensed by the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as a recognized sound and judicious scientific journal for scientific and academic promotions in Iraqi universities and scientific institutes. * The Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining accepts scientific research articles, scientific notes, scientific discussions and comments on Iraq and the rest of the world in all fields of Earth sciences, mineral exploitation, mining and mineral processing. Unpublished work only can be considered for publication. * Each volume of the bulletin includes two issues, besides occasional special issues on selected topics of the geology of Iraq. * The bulletin accepts articles in English and occasionally in Arabic. Arabic articles should include elongated English summary and vice versa.