Journal of Prospective Researches

Published by Al-Hadba University College

ISSN: 1680-9300 (Print)
ISSN: 2790-2129 (Electronic)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Law (General); Languages; Literature; Technology and engineering (General); Biology; Biology and miscellaneous


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Journal of Prospective Researches JPR Buhuth Mustaqbaliya Scientific Periodical Journal Style Sheet The journal publishes the contributions on all topics relevant to the fields of Administration, Economics, Computer Sciences, Law, English Language, Scientific and Applied Informatics in addition to Pure and Medical Sciences according to the following conditions: 1- The subject must tackle a topic in one of the previously mentioned fields. 2- References in the text to publication should include the author’s name, the year of publication, and, if necessary, page numbers, as in the following example: (Yule, 1996: 50). 3- Bibliographical references list containing all works referred to in the text and foot notes, alphabetically arranged should be included at the end of the manuscript according to the academic standards: - Givon, T. (1992). The grammar of referential coherence as mental processing instructions. Linguistics, 30: 5-55. - Sperber, D. and D. Wilson. (1986). Relevance. Blackwell, Oxford. 4- Authors are expected to provide three copies of their contributions, typed double space, with wide margins, on plain standard A4, with letters sized 12,printed on a floppy disk in (Word 2000) IBM. 5- The manuscript should not exceed 25 pages, and include abstract not exceeding 250 words in English and Arabic. The research report should not exceed 120 pages to be published in the “Prospective Research” serial. 6- Both sides of the papers could be used except the page of the title, for it can be separated when the manuscript is sent to assessment. 7- The journal is concerned with conferences and symposiums through reports (not exceeding 200 words) that refer to the place, date, participants, proceedings, and recommendations of the meeting. 8- The journal publishes reviews of books not more than two years old. The reviews should contain an analysis, presentation and criticism with a summary of the contents of the book relevant to the author’s ideas, discussions, and conclusions. The title of the book, author’s name, place and date of publication, and number of pages should be mentioned clearly. 9- Papers and studies sent for publication submit to assessment and the unaccepted ones will not be returned back. 10-The contributions should not have been published or sent for publishing before. 11-The Journal policy regarding plagiarism should not exceed 20%

Scope of the Journal

The journal covers Economics, Computer Sciences, Law, English Language, Scientific and applied informative in addition to pure of Medical Sciences 

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Buhuth Mustaqbaliya Scientific Periodical Journal is committed to open access and all content is freely available to all immediately after publication.

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