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Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq University (peace be upon him) publishes its new issue (zero) of the specialized scientific journal, which includes research in the humanities and social sciences. The magazine, being issued now, comes as a consolidation of the scientific process started by the university, as it represents a prominent manifestation of the scientific activity of the professors and their keeping up with the movement of scientific research in its various levels and directions, for its important intellectual position in the cultural process, as it contributes to the consolidation of the scientific bases of the university whose origins are proven and rooted. Its roots and expanded in the university's branches in the governorates of the beloved country. This issue includes research in linguistic, literary, historical, social and cultural sciences that will enrich libraries and websites with new solid studies, after he wrote for the magazine to appear in a cloak that would return it to the pioneers of knowledge in the stage of advancement and scientific development witnessed by the whole world. We ask God Almighty to accept this deed from us and to guide us for what is good and pay off for all.

Scope of the Journal

human and social sciences 

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