AL-Rafidain Journal of Computer Sciences and Mathematics

Published by Mosul University

ISSN: 4816-1815 (Print)
ISSN: 2311-7990 (Electronic)

Language: Arabic and English

Subjects: Mathematics; Computer Science
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Aims and Scopes: The Al-Rafidain Journal is an international one which publishes written researches articles in English or Arabic in the areas of both computer sciences and mathematics. Contribution is open for researchers of all nationalities. One volume of the Journal is published each year. Each volume consists of two issues,from 2013 each volume consists of four issues. Authors wishing to submit an article for publication should send their manuscript by the journal E-mail to as Word format. All correspondence regarding the journal should be sent to the Editorial office Al-Rafidain Journal was founded by the College of Computer Sciences and Mathematics in 2001.