The International and Political Journal

Published by Mustansiriyah University

ISSN: 1991-8984 (Print)
ISSN: 2789-8563 (Electronic)

Language: Arabic

Subjects: Political science (General)
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We present political liberalization and the International Review Board issued by the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Mustansiriya best regards and receives Bhozqm and your studies that analyze and address the phenomena and problems of contemporary political issues as well as topics related to take into consideration the rules and conditions of the following: 1. writes researcher name and place of work, job title and surname of scientific and his e-mail and mobile phone number and on CD-ROM. 2. that encloses the researcher abstract in English and Arabic at the end of the search. 3. Be font size for titles (16) and the board (14) and margins (12). 4. Type font (Simplified Arabic) and the distance between the Lines (1), the paper size (A4). 5. writes margins in the bottom of the page only way to continue meaning that margins start number 1 and ends at the figure of 100 or 120 ...... 6. take into account the assets of scientific research in terms of objectivity and tab systematic and identify problematic research and homework statement and prove the results with the accuracy of the documentation. 7. Researcher offers two versions of paper from his research with a floppy disk (CD). 8. No less than search pages for 15 pages and no more than 25 pages. 9. required in research should not be published in other journals. 10. scientific research subject and linguistic evaluation by experts and specialists. 11. The magazine reserves the right to publish material approved according to the instructions on the window. 12. Researchers pay wages publishing as instructed by the R & D department at Mustansiriya University. Note: The opinions expressed in the research published does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the magazine or college.