Science Biology

16 journals



Published by Mosul University

ISSN 16802594 22642522 (Print)  ISSN 22642522 (Electronic)

Language English

Subjects: Pharmacy and materia medica, Biology, Microbiology







Published by Diyala University

ISSN 83732222 25189255 (Print)  ISSN 25189255 (Electronic)

Language English

Subjects: Science (General), Biology, Biology and miscellaneous, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science


Published by University of Anbar

ISSN 19947801 26649454 (Print)  ISSN 26649454 (Electronic)

Language Arabic and English

Subjects: Geography (General), Science (General), Agriculture (General), Biology, Biology and miscellaneous, Hydraulic engineering, Plant culture







Published by Baghdad University

ISSN 10178678 23119799 (Print)  ISSN 23119799 (Electronic)

Language English

Subjects: Geology, Biology