Integrated Framework for technologies to reduce costs and reengineering processes to develop strategies companyes An Empirical Study In some companies affiliated to the Ministry of Oil


Began the process of re-engineering processes in the private sector as a way to assist organizations in re-thinking how to run the business in order to improve production processes and reduce operational cost, to get to compete on a global level. That was a major restructuring by further evolution in the use of technology to support innovative operations. Entered the technology in all areas of life and different regulations, This led to use as a change in all aspects The companies achieved success and progress today through the use of resources so as to ensure the wishes of the customers and their needs, and the requirements of the market primarily, Which is reflected on the basis of building strategies, Has enjoined accelerated changes in business environments and the intensity of competition on the companies follow the modern strategies to achieve excellence and development of these companies. Was chosen model of research and hypotheses using statistical methods in the treatment of multiple data collected using a questionnaire Promised that the main tool explaining aspects of the relationship Between the first two variables are important techniques to reduce costs The second re-engineering processes, through a series of questions to a number of sub-elements, and used for the purposes of analyzing the form of the program (SPSS) by identifying mean, median, standard deviation and coefficient of correlation and linear regression. The research found a total of conclusions, including: 1. affect technology morally and dramatically Mtgier search techniques to reduce costs and re-engineering processes. 2. that human resources backed financially and morally qualified and well-trained and capable of innovation and excellence Face fullest. 3 to achieve lower costs should determine the practical steps that must be followed, methods and techniques that can be used.