Requirements of talent management in high- containment organizations/ field study in Technology and Science Ministry


Human resources constitute the most important recourses that the organization owned today, as it may have developed financial and technology resources to achieve their goals, but they are not able to use it with required efficiency and effective and quality desired unless there is human resources that have good skills, experiences and talents that able to directing and exploited ideally that compatible with market requirements, where today's market and business organizations which compete naturally inherent talent, so the task is to attracting and developing talented resources and preservation these talented resources from the challenges that facing organizations. The research seek to achieve a set of goals such as diagnosis the requirements of talent management in high- involvement organizations as the research problem launched from the reality of organizations and their importance in light of increasing the competition on talents, and the only form that is strong and Inimitable in competitive advantage is the talent that organization can have through it culture and the attractiveness of strong values, open talent, intellectual bias and strong practices, will bring and preserve the best individuals in the organization. Today's organizations took to achieve cultural change not by chance, but through adopting specific strategy of high- involvement and measurable action –plan. So , practicing the high- involvement lies in finding the high-containment and talent and spread it among employees.And that through testing a appropriate employees for organization and commitment to development and training the skills and adopting participation system in decision making and share information and also participation system in revenues.