The Effect of Social Responsibility initiatives in Financial Performance on economic unit and create value for it


Many of researchers have written about social responsibility and business strategy and competitive advantage, and they have given particular attention to the relationship between economic and social responsibility , but what is missing in this aspect is how the economic units that use their core competencies to advance social responsibility initiatives so that they can achieve a significant competitive advantage and create value for it ? The current research aims to verify the view that "the economic and social objectives in the long term is not contradictory in nature but complementary objectives essential", as well as make sure that the social responsibility of the economic units include two dimensions economic, social and it has to be on the economic union to seek creativity in each, has research has come to a set of conclusions, most notably a correlation between economic performance and social performance requires frameworks and clear measurement and disclosure and that disclosure of the responsibility for social performance leads to positive results influential in the financial performance and contribute to add value to the economic unity .