Use some of the quality tools to improve the health service: Comparative research between Baghdad's and Yarmouk hospital educational


This research aims to improve the provided health service level inside Baghdad hospitals and the Yarmouk educational, as well as to shed light on the reality of the health service and the quality within the major operations room in both hospitals, as the operations room represent the research community, as was the use of some quality tools Pareto and Ishikawa diagram to measure and assess the level of quality provided, and include research problem to find out what are the problems and obstacles facing the process of improving quality in both hospitals, and whether there are scientifically accurate method to assess the quality of health service in Baghdad's Yarmouk hospital and educational . Where the researcher has identified a number of problems that occur in the operating room based on his experience and on studying the actual reality of the work was not only a researcher so, but retained most of the surgeons working inside the terminal to identify problems and calculate the number of iterations for each problem, the researcher reached a set of conclusions, and regarding Hospital Baghdad Teaching the highest proportion repeat of the problems that appear in the operating room is the patient waiting period be a long time before the operation, due to the great momentum for the number of operations that take place daily, But regarding the Yarmouk Teaching Hospital, the highest repeat of the problems that appear in the operating room in the galleries that the number of operations is insufficient and inadequate, due to the old design and construction dilapidated addition to the growing number of patients in large numbers.