Strategic Command and its role in activating the Organisational performance analytical study of the views of the heads of academic departments at General Authority of groundwater.


The research aims to identify the strategic leadership and its role in activating the Organisational Performance, which is an analytical study of the views of the heads of scientific departments at General Authority of groundwater researcher's quest focused towards building a theoretical framework suitable for strategic leadership and performance Organisational and itُs dimensions.To achieve the aims of the research is designed to identify the researcher included (35) items to collect the raw data from the research sample consisting of 33 of the heads of departments. Data was collected by questionnaire, field visits, interviews and some official documents to complete the search data. It has also been used a number of statistical methods for data processing, including: the arithmetic mean, percentage, standard deviation, for the purpose of the sample description, the coefficient of simple linear correlation (Pearson) to test the validity of hypotheses, and coefficient multiple regression to test the health impact. The research found a set of conclusions that emphasize the most significant correlations and effect referred to by the premise of the search. deliberately then a researcher on the data that have been collected according to the academy out a set of results that belong to the field respondent contexts phrase analysis, and conclude research for the benefit of the emphasis on the role of strategic leadership as a fitting introduction to activate Organisational performance. She suggested that under a series of proposals, most notably the deepening awareness of the role of strategic factors in the management of organizations and their role in the development of Organisational performance and increase effectiveness. By giving the heads of departments more powers and authorities, to be able to respond appropriately to changing circumstances and to take advantage of opportunities and face the threats and potential problems