The Reflection Of The Financial Reporting Of Intellectual Capital Investment Decisions


The intellectual capital an important variable in the equation of the success of seeking economic units to achieve a competitive advantage, since it is a real capital for economic unity it constitutes a strategic importance as the main source to achieve high profitability in the economic unit and highlights the importance of showing intellectual capital components of the main Represent of human capital and structural capital and relational capital, through effective and the prominent role played by intellectual capital within the economic unity in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage contribute to attracting investors with longer investment decision of the most important and difficult decisions taken by investors, since it is a form of income distribution, a an important strategic decision in the life of the individual or the economic unit and requires a lot of experience and knowledge.The research aims to study the relationship between financial reporting for intellectual capital components of the main and investment decisions, and the concept of financial reporting of intellectual capital as well as the concept of investment decisions, The possibility of financial statement reporting of intellectual capital as well as the analyzing the results of answers to investors in the Iraq Stock Exchange through the use of the questionnaire found there is an agreement and by high that there is the impact of the financial reporting of intellectual capital investment decisions, Continue to search through the use of statistical methods that there are significant correlation between the financial reporting of intellectual capital and investment decisions in the Iraqi economic units, And recommended the search into the necessity for economic unity reporting on the intellectual capital in their reports, both in the text the financial statements or within a new statements disclosure financial statements accessory, it enhances transparency which reduce the cost of capital And reduces risk of the expected economic unit