El uso del subjuntivo en la lengua española

Dr.Abbas Farhan Aliway

journal of the college of basic education مجلة كلية التربية الاساسية
ISSN: 18157467(print) 27068536(online) Year: 2017 Volume: 23 Issue: 98/ انساني Pages: 21-36
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


El uso del subjuntivo en la lengua españolaDr.Abbas Farhan AliwayABSTRACT: This study examines the subjunctive mood in Spanish. The subjunctive mode is used to express concepts that are hypothetical, contrary to fact, that incorporate the expression of the speaker's feelings towards a state or an action. The present research paper presents a more detailed view on Spanish verbal modes and tenses. The Spanish subjunctive provides its own semantic and functional contents. In addition, it has an important syntactic behavior, since it appears in many simple and complex sentence structures: in independent, substantive, relative and adverbial sentences. KEYWORDS: subjunctive mood, grammatical, possibility, conjunctive


El uso del subjuntivo en la lengua española