Role of alcoholic extract of Black Carrot in improvement of human sperm parameters during in vitro activation


BackgroundThe increasing prevalence of infertility cases is becoming a major public health problem in developing countries due to changes indiet and lifestyle.OhJectivesBlack Carrot Extract BCE (Daucuscarota) plays an important role as fertility agent due to its antioxidant and anti-proliferative properties. Therefore , the aim of the present study was to identify the effects of different concentrations of BCE on the outcome of in vitro human sperm activation of infertile patientsMethodsThirty two semen samples were prepared which served as a control, using direct swim-up technique. Modified Earl's medium (MEM) was used only in group 2 (G2) and two concentrations of BCE (1Oµg/1ml and 20µg/1ml) were added to culture media MEMof groups 3 (G3) and 4 (G4) for in vitro sperm activation (ISA).Resultsa highly significant (P<0.001) correlation was noticed between G4 with G2 and G3 in progressive motility when activation by adding 20µg/1ml of BCE to culture media as compared to G3 (which adding 1Oµg/1ml of BCE to culture media) and G2 (activation with culture media only).Moreover, swim-up activation technique with culture media and by both adding (1Oµg/1ml and 20µg/1ml of BCE respectively) to culture media enhancement in the (sperm motility, progressive sperm activity and sperm morphology).ConclusionThe high concentration of BCE is effective in the enhancement of progressive sperm activity during invitro human sperm activation.