Interview with Rainer Weiss

Adam Smith

Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics المجلة العراقية للفيزياء التطبيقية
ISSN: 18132065 23091673 Year: 2017 Volume: 13 Issue: 4 Pages: 24-25
Publisher: iraqi society for alternative and renewable energy sources and techniques الجمعية العراقية لمصادر وتقنيات الطاقة البديلة والمستجدة


"Space is enormously stiff. You can't squish it"Telephone interview with Rainer Weiss following the announcement of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics on 3 October 2017. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Nobel Media. In this telephone interview, recorded immediately after his Nobel Prize was publicly announced, Rainer Weiss explains why measuring the effect of gravitational waves is so very hard to achieve, despite the extraordinarily high energies involved.


Rainer Weiss