Evaluation of the quality of drinking water in the area of Saba Qusour Rusafa / Baghdad


The study aims to evaluate the quality of drinking water in the area of Saba Qusour located in the east of Baghdad / Rusafa side, specifically on the right side of the main street of the area. Samples from the water main treatment station and network system in the study area containing the filter station equipped with drinking water and water network, ,( 500 and 1000 meters) of the station during the three seasons winter ,spring and summer of 2017. The results indicated that the level of turbidity (NTU 65.5) in the network r is increasedas the sample were taken furthen from the station, especially at a distance more thin (1000 meters).More over turbidity was increased in the summer, especially in August More than the often months of the year. The values of COD (6.3-98.0) mg / L and the BOD5 (3.0-53.0) mg / l were recorded in water samples at distant located (1000 meters) from the station. There was an increase in THMS concentrations (78-182 ppb). The results showed that drinking water samples at the end of the studied area (1000 meters from the station) were contaminated and were unsafe for drinking because of their high contained at organic and biological pollutants and hazardous secondary products (carcinogenic trihalomethans). Damage and cracks in the pipes and the use of household pumps to withdraw water when water is scarce, especially in the summer, which increases the entry of pollutants into drinking0 water.