Using Laser-Produced Ultrasonic Wave and Plasmonic Quartz Plate Implanted with Gold Atoms to Move Liquids

Iraqi Journal of Applied Physics المجلة العراقية للفيزياء التطبيقية
ISSN: 18132065 23091673 Year: 2019 Volume: 15 Issue: 3 Pages: 27-29
Publisher: iraqi society for alternative and renewable energy sources and techniques الجمعية العراقية لمصادر وتقنيات الطاقة البديلة والمستجدة


Even the tiniest mechanical pumps have drawbacks caused by the intricate microfabrication techniques needed to manufacture them and the reality that there are restrictions on how small they can be.


Applied Mechanics & Thermodynamics --- Laser Physics & Applications --- Plasma Physics & Applications --- Quantum Physics & Spectroscopy